Public Spaces and Alternative Media Practices in Europe

The book chapter “Public Spaces and Alternative Media Practices in Europe. The Case of the EuroMayDay Parade Against Precarity”, that I co-authored with Nicole Doerr has just been published in the edited volume “Media And Revolt: Strategies and Performances from the 1960s to the Present”. This is the beginning of the intro to the book […]

Italian social movements against organized crime

With some exceptions, Italian movements against mafia are still an unexplored field of research. However, grassroots forms of resistance have always been present in Sicily and in other regions of Italy. In the past months, I began to work on activists who mobilize against mafia – and corruption – in different Italian regions in the […]

Advances in the Visual Analysis of Social Movements

Together with Nicole Doerr and Simon Teune, I had the pleasure to co-edited Volume 35 of Social Movements, Conflict and Change whose special section deals with visuals in social movements studies. Here are a couple of short excerpts from our introduction: “This volume seeks to contribute to the growing body of knowledge on the topic by considering the […]

Electoral Campaigning 2.0

Apart from social movements and mediation processes, I am interested in political communication at large, including the use of social media during electoral campaigning. This is a topic that we are investigating with the research group “New Media and Online Politics” based at the Istituto Cattaneo. Some preliminary results of our study will be published […]

Maps of Precariousness. Two Volumes Just Published

MAPS of PRECARIOUSNESS, vol. 1 Spaces, representations, experiences and critique of policies of the changing labour Not a book, but a proposal for collective reflection. Maps of precariousness is conceived as an open and evolving project, composed by the stories and experiences that are willing to further implement it. An editorial project which aims to […]

Interface. On the global emancipation of labour.

  At Interface we just published our last issue about the global emancipation of labour. There are articles written by authors from different parts of the world. And with different theoretical / political perspectives on the emancipation of labour. Have a look at the editorial to have a sense of what you will find in […]

Call for panels on Social Movements for the next ESA conference

ESA Research Network Social Movements - ESA 2013 General Conference “Crisis, Critique and Change” - Turin, Italy, August 28th-31th The upcoming 11th congress of the European Sociological Association is to take place in Turin, Italy from the 28th to 31th of August, 2013. The Social Movements Research Network (RN 25) invites panel proposals contributing to the sociology of social […]

Book Chapter in The Participatory Cultures Handbook

Published a couple of months ago in The Participatory Cultures Handbook, a book chapter written by Donatella della Porta and myself. The chapter speaks about political participation, alternative media, and social movements. It is entitled “Cultures of Participation and Social Movements”. Here is the abstract: “Social movements have historically promoted alternative visions of democracy. Cultures […]

The transnational dimension of protest?

The ECPR just opened the call for paper for the next ECPR Joint Sessions. I will co-direct one of the workshops dealing with the transnational dimension of recent protests occurring in the Arab, European and North-American countries. With a special focus on imageries/practices of democracy and communication/mediation processes. Here it is the workshop abstract: “The […]