Electoral Campaigning 2.0

Apart from social movements and mediation processes, I am interested in political communication at large, including the use of social media during electoral campaigning.

This is a topic that we are investigating with the research group “New Media and Online Politics” based at the Istituto Cattaneo. Some preliminary results of our study will be published soon in the Journal of Information Technology and Politics as a peer-review article that Giovanna Mascheroni and I wrote together, about Italian regional elections in 2010:

“Electoral Campaigning 2.0 – The Case of Italian Regional Elections”

The paper investigates the use of social media by the 53 candidates as governors at the last Italian regional elections in April 2010 and further explores the two hypotheses on the role of online technologies for political parties – that is the ‘politics as usual’ and the ‘equalization’ hypothesis – starting from two different points of view: first, regional elections; and, second, candidate’s appropriation, negotiation or resistance to the convergence and participatory culture distinctive of the contemporary media ecology. The aim of this article is to address the following research questions: 1) which are the different degrees of appropriation of convergence and participatory culture amongst Italian candidates during 2010 regional elections according to political parties’ dimension in terms of members, voters and resources? And 2) are different degrees of appropriation of convergence and participatory culture positively associated with political parties dimensions?