Open Access Articles on Occupy Wall Street – American Ethnologist

American Ethnologist’s (AE) May 2012 issue (Volume 39, Issue 2) features three open-access articles on the Occupy movements (by Jeffrey Juris, Maple Razsa/Andrej Kurnik, and David Nugent).

See Juris on social media, public space, and Occupy; Razsa and Kurnik on Occupy and direct democracy in Žižek’s hometown, and Nugent’s commentary on both pieces.

Click on the Occupy article titles and you will be taken to the abstracts (and accompanying photos), and at the end of the abstracts you will find live open access links to the full article PDFs in the Wiley-Online Library.

The pieces are titled as follows:

Maple Razsa and Andrej Kurnik, “The Occupy Movement in Žižek’s hometown: Direct democracy and a politics of becoming”
Jeffrey S. Juris, “Reflections on #Occupy Everywhere: Social media, public space, and emerging logics of aggregation”
David Nugent, “Commentary: Democracy, temporalities of capitalism, and dilemmas of inclusion in Occupy movements”